Reading Rocks Volunteer

Volunteer roles and responsibilities:

The position of Reading Rocks volunteer tutor supports the LDAWE’s literacy program for children and youth with learning difficulties. This online one-on-one literacy program is designed to motivate and help children in Grades 2 – 7 gain confidence and academic success in reading and writing. It is also designed to help facilitators and volunteers gain knowledge and experience working with children who experience difficulties learning essential literacy skills. Therefore, this position is responsible for developing and implementing an appropriate and effective individualized literacy program to meet the child’s individual literacy needs.

The Reading Rocks volunteer tutor:

  • Works with the Program Coordinator to develop and implement an appropriate and effective individualized literacy program to meet the child’s individual literacy needs;
  • Develops and implements engaging, creative and hands-on literacy activities and games in the areas of literacy: phonics, sight words, fluency, reading/listening comprehension, spelling, grammar, sentence structure, and more to provide assistance for the assigned child struggling with literacy skills;
  • Conducts informal literacy assessment on the first day of the program (pre-assessment) as well as on the last day of the program (post-assessment);
  • Provides a positive learning environment to invoke self-motivation for the child as he/she develops phonological awareness and processing skills;
  • Educates the child on how their unique learning requirements affect how they understand and use the information and how this ultimately affects their ability to learn, and ways they can use their unique learning as a strength;
  • Provides regular positive feedback on the student’s progress to instill self-motivation and self-confidence in their academic development;
  • Fills out session reports after the tutoring sessions to track the children’s progress;

Length of volunteering:

The Reading Rocks volunteer tutor position requires a minimum commitment of two hours per week (2 hours of programming) each week that the program is in session. The volunteer tutor may be required to dedicate an additional hour outside of each tutoring session to prepare for the literacy activities. In addition, each volunteer tutor must attend orientation/training before the program begins.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday (must be available for two days): Oct. 17 to Dec. 9, 2022

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