Kenny Hedgewick, Windsor

I have been diagnosed with learning disabilities (mostly in the area of math) and a generalized anxiety disorder. I successfully graduated from high school after going back for an extra year. Afterwards, I upgraded my math and English classes at St. Clair College.

I was having a hard time finding a job, so I applied for ODSP – Employment Supports. I decided to choose LDAWE as my service provider because my girlfriend had worked there, so I was familiar with the organization. My Job Developer helped me with writing my résumé, practicing for interviews by conducting mock interviews, and looking for a job that was a good fit for me based on my skills and abilities.

With the support of my Job Developer, I gained full-time employment at Monarch Basics in the Shipping & Receiving department. Not only did LDAWE help me find a job, but once working, they even helped me with keeping this job. With this support, I have now been at Monarch for 3 years. At one point, I was even considered for a promotion, which was something that I never thought would have happened. I attribute my success to the help I’ve received from LDAWE.