Georgette, Amherstburg

My son, Aiden, has been diagnosed with a higher order processing disability. He has difficulty with focusing, multitasking, and reading. My son’s school gave me the contact information for LDAWE when he was first identified as having a learning disability.

The staff members at LDAWE have given me lots of information and support over the past couple of years.

Aiden has attended the Association’s ABC & 123 Tutoring program for a couple years, and he has also attended their summer camp, social skills program, and has received one-to-one adaptive technology training. The program facilitators have been wonderful. They have been very patient with Aiden, they are very knowledgeable, and they figure out ways to make learning fun for him. By attending these programs he also gets the opportunity to relate and interact with other children with learning disabilities.

As a result of coming to LDAWE, my knowledge of learning disabilities and how to advocate for my son in the school system has increased. More importantly, Aiden’s abilities and confidence have grown because of the support and opportunities he’s received at LDAWE. I hope all schools tell parents who have children with learning disabilities and ADHD to call LDAWE so they can get the same kind of support and direction we did (and still do).