Summer Camp FAQ

What is Sky High Summer Enrichment Camp?

Sky High Summer Enrichment Camp is for individuals with a diagnosed learning disability or ADHD. Our main goal is to provide learning through fun. This fun and interactive summer camp will provide enrichment in the following areas: literacy and math; computer keyboarding and basic office software; iPad and Chromebook apps; online research and cyberbullying; adaptive technology software and apps; social skills; and recreation activities. We offer five different themes for the five-week summer camp.

What is the eligibility criteria?

Children entering into grades 2-6 in September 2022 (grade 1 going into grade 2, grade 5 going into grade 6) with a diagnosed learning disability. An IEP will be required to register.

How do I register my child?

Register using the link. Registration forms will be processed only when accompanied by payment in full. Registrations will be accepted up to two weeks prior to the camp start date. Due to the high demand, your position will be secured once payment has been received.

NOTE: You may only register each child for two (2) weeks. This is to ensure that all families have an opportunity to participate in the camp. You may email us at to be placed on a waitlist. Should there be open spots available, we will contact you on May 30th.

If you select more than two weeks, your order will be CANCELLED and you will need to register again and thus potentially losing your spot.

How can I pay?

Payment for camp is due upon the child’s completed registration form. Payment can be made when registering using a visa in the registration software program. Other payments can be made in the office. An appointment is required to attend the office. Individuals must be vaccinated for covid-19 and pass screening to enter the John McGivney building. Failure to pay camp registration fees and/or administration fees will result in a child being withdrawn from the program.

How will I know if my child is registered?

You will receive an email after you make the payment. Guaranteed spots are given to campers paid in full.

What is your refund and camp cancellation policy?

Full refunds are available before June 24th. Cancelled orders prior to June 24, 2022, are subject to a 10% processing fee to cover administrative fees. Cancelled orders will be processed in 7-10 business days and refunded back to the original form of payment. We are unable to refund any orders after June 24th, 2022 as we have invested in the required program materials and personnel.

How will the children be dismissed each day?

Your child will be dismissed at the end of each day and we will require a signature for sign-out procedures.

What if my child misses a day?

If a child is absent one day, it does not affect the child’s participation. Please notify us by leaving a message on the site-specific cell phone for in-person. Due to scheduling differences and camp size limits, missed days cannot be made up. However, once we have started the camp, Sky High Summer Enrichment Camp has invested in the required program materials and personnel and cannot offer a refund for missed days.

What does a camp day look like?

In-Person Sky High Summer Enrichment camp is a 5-week summer camp with 5 different themes. The camp day looks like a balanced school day with free time, opening activities, centre-based learning, theme-based hands-on cumulative activities, breaks that include 2 snacks and a lunch, scheduled recreation time, literacy and math rich as well as a focus on STEM, and arts. Activities will vary depending on site and time constraints.

What is the Waiting List Policy?

Sky High Summer Enrichment camp is very popular and camps fill up quickly. We do our best to accept as many registrants as possible; however, we are limited by the availability of camp space. This year we faced difficulty renting space and can only offer one in-person camp. As a result, we sometimes have to place children on a waiting list. If additional spaces become available, these children are given first priority. Please register early to avoid disappointment.

Can I sign my child up for more than one camp?

Two weeks per child is available at this time for in-person camp. You may ask to be placed on a waitlist if spots become available.

What should my child bring/wear to camp?

Children should dress appropriately for the weather. There are regularly scheduled breaks that will involve outdoor play. Please keep in mind a water bottle (to fill up), sunscreen (self-applied), hats, sunglasses, etc.

Please send your child a lunch, sunscreen, hat, beverages and snacks. PLEASE AVOID ANY PEANUT PRODUCTS. Clearly mark your child’s name on all items he/she brings to the camp. More information will be provided prior to the start of camp.

Medical and other information about your camper

Prior to attending Sky High Summer Enrichment camp, we require certain medical information, such as allergies, medical issues or behaviour plans which can all be noted on the online registration forms. We will also require an updated IEP or psychology report which can be uploaded during registration. If you are unable to upload the IEP or need assistance please email: or call 519-252-7889. This will provide the camp Lead with knowledge of specific information about your child to ensure safe and fun participation in the program.

All summer camp activities involve some risk, and by registering for a camp, there is an assumption of risk made by the participant. Sky High Summer Enrichment camp is dedicated to providing safe facilities and using personnel and equipment that is designed to be safe. Although trained in first aid, CPR and EpiPen administration, summer camp instructors are NOT trained in the provision of medical services of any kind. If your child requires regular medical services (diabetes blood testing, administration of medication, etc.), please contact the Learning Disabilities Association of Windsor-Essex office to make arrangements for your child’s caregiver during camp.

Please call us to discuss medication accommodations for medicine storage and administration.

By enrolling your child in Sky High Summer camp, you agree to not hold LDAWE, its Franchisees, Agents, Representatives, Facilities, Employees, Managers, Contractors and Instructors liable for any medical emergencies or conditions your child may experience, related directly or indirectly to a camp.

How many locations are offering Sky High Summer Enrichment camps?

This year we are only able to provide one site.

If you have any other questions, please call us at 519-252-7889 or send an email to