Employment Support

SET (Supported Employment Support) Program

Eligibility Criteria: 16+ years of age with a self-reported learning disability or ADHD

Description: Participants will develop resumes, complete mock interviews, develop job search techniques, and develop critical workplace skills such as effective communication, time management, accepting criticism, dealing with anger, and working as part of a team. Participants will become aware of how learning disabilities and ADHD affect all aspects of their lives and will determine their strengths, weaknesses and specific strategies to succeed in an interview and on the job.

The fee is FREE. The group meets once a week. A complimentary dinner is provided.

Next Session:  Session 2 (3 weeks) starts on Tuesday, March 19, 2019

SET Session 2

Employment Supports (Job Placement, Job Advancement, and Job Retention)

Eligibility Criteria: Youth and adults 16+ years of age with a diagnosed learning disability or ADHD who are unemployed or underemployed and meet ODSP – Employment Supports’ eligibility criteria

Description: Depending on the individual’s needs, a facilitator can help the individual write a resume and cover letter, assist with a job search, and assist in filling out application forms. Once employment is obtained, a facilitator can provide job coaching, help the individual explain accommodation needs to the employer, help fill out forms, and have meetings with the employer.

Service Fee: FREE

To Register: Contact LDAWE to determine if you meet ODSP – Employment Supports’ eligibility criteria.