BEST Foundations – Social Skills

The Better Emotional and Social Times (B.E.S.T.) program is a small-group, self-advocacy and coping skills program for children in grades 3-6 who are experiencing secondary characteristics associated with learning difficulties (i.e., low self-esteem, poor social and/or emotional regulation) due to a diagnosed, identified, or suspected learning disability.

Participants work on identifying their individual strengths and areas of improvement, how to seek out support when needed, and how to navigate stressful or anxiety-inducing academic situations. Sessions are taught using a combination of discussion, instruction, and engaging games and activities in both a whole-group and small-group setting.

BEST Foundations is the first part of a 3-part program and must be completed before registering for BEST Friendships, BEST Emotions and Lego Club. BEST Foundations covers group behaviour; listening; following instructions, understanding body language; sportsmanship; and accepting the consequences/saying sorry.

Program Fee: $200 for non-LDA members or $150.00 for LDA members per 7-week session. (Subsidies may be available. Please enquire

Participant Eligibility

Participants attending the sessions must:

  • Have a diagnosed or suspected Learning Disability or ADHD;
  • Not be diagnosed/identified with an intellectual disability or significant behavioural support needs.

This is a continuous intake program.